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Auto Care

The Bidvest Prestige Auto Care Division employs over 500 people and services 57 dealerships/sites, cleaning in excess of 57 000 vehicles per month.

Through our extensive experience and leading-edge technology, we are able to tailor our solution for our clients’ specific needs, offering competitive pricing while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our specialists are also available to work on-site and are comprehensively insured.

Our offering includes the following cleaning services:

  • Truck and bus cleaning
  • Comprehensive dealership cleaning from the offices right through to workshops and the wash bay
  • Full valet service
  • Three-in-one paint protection, polishing and glazing services

Water-less solutions

We also offer advanced water-less cleaning solutions, enabling us to wash cars anywhere – even on the showroom floor. Our Water-less Cart reduces water usage by 70%.

A superior finish

As part of our water-less solution, our teams use Carnauba Wax – giving cars a superior finish. It’s biodegradable, completely natural and can be used on all surfaces without leaving a residue. Carnauba Wax is paint-tested and approved by BMW.